Lexington Counter Clocks Announce Annual Scholarship Program Honoring Trinity Gay in Partnership with The Fayette Education Foundation

Lexington, KY – April 13, 2023 – The Lexington Counter Clocks announced today a new annual scholarship program designed to honor the memory of Trinity Gay, the 15-year-old Lafayette High School student who was killed by gunfire in Lexington in 2016.

Beginning in the spring of 2024, the Trinity Gay Scholarship will be awarded annually to one high school student in their Senior year at a Fayette County Public high school or program. To be considered for the $1,500 scholarship, students must maintain a 3.0 GPA, participate in at least one extracurricular activity or sport, and demonstrate an involvement in the local community. Students must also submit an essay on the impact of gun violence with their application. In addition to receiving the scholarship prize, the winning student will have the privilege of throwing out the first pitch at a Lexington Counter Clocks game.

“Trinity’s bright life was tragically cut short by gun violence, and the pain her family has suffered is something no family should ever have to face,” said Lexington Counter Clocks Owner Nathan Lyons. “Through the Trinity Gay Scholarship Program, we hope to draw attention to the horrific impact gun violence has on our communities – and to help make a positive impact on the lives of promising young students.”

The Lexington Counter Clocks will also install a plaque featuring a bronzed baton – a nod to Trinity’s track and field success – and the names of scholarship recipients, inside the ballpark. The scholarship program will replace a mural that had been painted on the exterior of the Lexington Counter Clocks’ stadium in 2016 in memory of Trinity.

Trinity’s parents, Shoshana Boyd and Olympic medalist Tyson Gay, have offered their support of the Trinity Gay Scholarship Program.

“Trinity was a true light in this world, and I’m honored that the Counter Clocks are committed to keeping her memory alive – and to raising awareness for the devastating impact of gun violence – through the Trinity Gay Scholarship Program,” said Shoshana Boyd, Trinity’s mother.

Additional details about how to apply for the Trinity Gay Scholarship will be made available soon. The scholarship process will be conducted by the Fayette Education Foundation.

The Lexington Counter Clocks season begins on April 28th with a three-game homestand against the York Revolution. Tickets for the full 2023 season can be purchased here. Lexington Counter Clocks merchandise is available here.

Nathan and Keri Lyons acquired the Lexington Counter Clocks, formerly the Lexington Legends, along with Wild Health Field and its real estate, as part of a transaction from Stands, LLC, and other affiliated companies, whose CEO is Andy Shea. The acquisition was completed in October 2022.